South Africa Tour

South Africa has the finest roads, friendly people, and a supply of amazing things to see and do along the way.

South Africa is a huge country, so you have to pick and choose based on how much time you have to spend in each place. Most people will make short trips along the Garden Route or explore the Drakensberg Mountains through the streets above Durban. But we are kicking it up a notch and taking you on a 21-day South Africa road trip. So, buckle up and enjoy the ride.

Getting around south africa
Before starting your journey, make sure that you know what it will take to undertake this great adventure.

Car rental
Hiring a car in South Africa is the best way to explore the country. Having your own vehicle will give you the freedom to travel at your own pace and see places that are not possible on group tours or by taking transport-on-off-transport such as a buzz bus (backpackers enter the transport system).

To get the best price on a car, rent. This web site will compare the prices of all the major rental companies and give you the best rate.

If you really want to get a thrill, rent a camper van, and stay in camps along the way.

Tips for driving in South Africa:
Remember that driving is on the left.
Consider a 4 × 4 if you plan to go off-road or will visit Lesotho via the Sani Pass.
Do not honor your horn except in an emergency.
Get a GPS or download map on your phone to use off-line (reception is spotty in many remote areas).
Have a general idea of ​​your route before leaving each day. Your GPS can suggest the shortest route and take you off-road, but ignore that advice and stay on paved roads.
Avoid driving after dark whenever possible! You will encounter all the dark roads, people and animals – which can result in an accident.
Gas stations are relatively plentiful on major routes – but they are not self-service. Attendees at all fuel stops will fill you up and may even wash their windows or check their oil, water and tire pressure – a small tip (20 rand) is customary.
Never stop taking hitchhikers!
Don’t keep anything that appears in your car valuable when you park. When you leave it, lock your vehicle and leave your glove box open to show it empty.